Device Drops off incontrol2 on WAN


I have one of my Balance 20X’s that has recently started showing as Offline within Incontrol2, even though its still online, and I can access it via PepVPN.

It has been working fine for 4-5 months at least, but recently started dropping off.

Its connected via a clients WAN connection which we have no control over, so something could have changed there or be blocking it.
The device does have a 4G SIM and is connected, IF I manually disconnect the WAN, and fall over to 4G it pops up in Incontrol immediately…if i then re-enable the WAN, it reports online for a few days, then drops off.

I suspect some Deep packet inspection firewall or something is deciding it doesn’t like the look of the reporting back to InControl on the Clients network.

Is there anyway to force the Incontrol reporting traffic via the 4G connection with an outbound rule?

I’ve tried a few outbound rules for “” domains, and tried pinging various addresses in this list
…and they all come back good.

Any ideas?
(Unfortunately I cant get access to the upstream firewall logs to figure out what they are blocking)

Many Thanks


I always like to set a fastest response outbound policy for the domain as a whole. This seems to keep the IC2 traffic flowing across the best WANs in most situations

Thanks I’ll give that a go…typically with these type of faults, its reporting fine at the moment!..

Lets see if it stays that way over next few days!