Device Connector Wired WAN

Can anyone tell me how to configure a Wired WAN backhaul on a device Connector Rugged? This functionality is advertised on the Peplink website as a method of connection resiliency using Speedfusion over WIFi as a WAN and Wired WAN simultaneously.

The Device Connector can also combine a wired landline connection and a Wi-Fi connection. This configuration provides extra connection resilience and diversity: if one connection breaks, the other can still take over.

I found an old manual where it mentions running in wired or wireless mode:

However in the more recent (2017) manual I have not been able to find any mention of Wired WAN configuration.

I also do not see anywhere in the conifguration where I can configure a wired WAN. The ? button does not expand into advanced features either.

Any guidance would be much appreciated.


Just created an account on the forums to ask the same question. I purchased one of these to test out this concept, but ran into the same issue. Is it something that can be enabled via hidden menu?

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Random question have you tried going to the LAN → Port settings, and unchecking the “Enable” box on the port you are trying to utilize as a WAN connection? Unclear if you are using the first or second port for your connection in…

I do not have one of these devices, but have noticed that to enable the shared WAN/LAN connection on most Peplink devices, you need to manually disable the LAN port option associated with the WAN connection. If that does not fix the issue I would open a ticket.

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Landline is the coming feature.

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But when?! At the moment, DCS-RUG can’t even connect to latest Bal/MAX via PepWave. Nor does it seem to support the scenario of doing SpeedFusion bonding for the Multiple Access Points scenario promised at … one radio is only on standby. :frowning:

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can you connect a rugged ip55 hardware 4 via hardwire? how does it interface with existing peplink router/AP/VLANs/etc? will it or can it act exactly like a peplink AP?

@sitloongs when is this feature going to be released? It has been two years now since this is mentioned as a feature that is coming. The firmware for the device connector has not been updated for 2 1/2 years (Nov 21, 2019) . Is this a dead product?


i am trying to find that out! concerned that firmware is outdated and there might be some security holes…