Device Connector WIFI as WAN = SLOW?

I’m testing this setup: Small Yacht Network Design Critique?

I’m using a device connector to connect to the wifi in the marina. It connects fine, with a signal of -62dBm. When I try to use it or run a speed test, it is ridiculously slow. When I connect directly to the marina wifi with my laptop I can get 50 down / 20 up. When I connect through the peplink setup, it will barely register 1mbps down and up. It worked fine when I tested it on my home wifi, but in the marina it doesn’t seem to work at all.

What steps should I take to try and diagnose this? If the WIFI as WAN isn’t even as fast as what I can get with my laptop or phone directly, then what is the point?

I’m not too familiar with the Rugged Device Connector, but I’m successfully using WiFi as WAN on a Max Transit and pulling 95Down/25Up, so lets see if we can’t figure out what the issue is.

Is the WiFi was WAN using 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz? When you are speed testing the WiFi was WAN are you connected via Ethernet, and if so at which point in the setup diagram? (At the rugged, balance 20 or ??) What site are you using to run your speed tests? Make sure your WiFi AP on the Rugged Device Connector is turned off if you are using it for WiFi as WAN. You don’t want the WiFi chipset pulling double duty trying to be both a client and an AP. screenshot attached…