Device Connector IP55 Roaming from AP to Another


I am considering using IP55 for a warehouse.

IP55 will be installed on moving “robotic vehicle” with external Omni-directional antennas. The area is properly designed from Wi-Fi perspective (-65dBm coverage with proper channel planning…etc.) and the Wi-Fi network is using WPA2-PSK for authentication.

The IP55 will be connecting over WiFi and it will be providing wired connectivity to a wired device mounted on this “robotic vehicle”. The wired device can tolerate up to 300ms disconnection from its managed server (like a small terminal application)

I was checking the datasheet and it mentions “Advanced Roaming lets your Device Connector IP55 seamlessly hop from AP to AP in a matter of seconds”. Why will it takes seconds to roam? Is this expected? Ideally over Wi-Fi we expect the roaming to happen much quicker (150ms or less) assuming it is a pure Layer 2 roaming.

Does IP55 support fast roaming? 802.11r? Does it really need seconds to roam?