Device Connector - how to use it as a bridge?

Hi all,

I am attempting to use a DCS-RUG as a short-range WiFi bridge, where the ‘device’ I am connecting is actually a managed switch with VLANs.

Not an L2 bridge though. I don’t believe that I can trunk VLAN dot1q tags across regular 802.11 WiFi (I would be happy to be proven wrong … the other end is a modern Ubiquiti AP but I can’t see how to say ‘oh yeah, trust clients so much that you put their dot1q tags as-is on the trunk’!!!)

Nor an L3 router … unlike most PepWave devices, there does not appear to be an option for any dynamic routing protocols to advertise the local VLAN subnets / stub networks.

No, the thing do is to enable PepVPN! Then it will ‘just work’, using either L2 (local MAC addresses are passed across) or L3 (routes are dynamically shared). Plus by using both radios, we can get Fusion availability features!

However … InControl is refusing to let me configure a PepVPN that involves the DCS-RUG.

  • The following devices cannot establish connections:
  • Device DCS_ requires a newer firmware version
  • For security reasons, it is required that you upgrade legacy firmware devices

But I have chosen the latest-available firmware at the ‘Org’ level of my InControl … Build 2758 … so I don’t know why it is telling me I need newer firmware.

Anyhow, if someone can help me advance even just 1 scenario, (PepVPN or L2) that’d be great!


1.1.1 (Released Oct 26th, 2017) seems to be the latest firmware available for the DCS-RUG at … so does this device actually support connection to firmware 8+ Balance/MAX routers via PepVPN?

And what does setting the ‘Operating mode’ under ‘System’ actually do? It does not seem to affect any behaviour/options. The manual tells us how to change it, but not why.

Hi David,

InControl had an issue where it was disallowing Device Connector connections. An update has just
gone live on production and you should be able to configure them to work with Balance/Max routers.

Thanks, I am now able to setup a PepVPN profile that involves the Device Connector.