Device API PepVPN analysis & WAN Analysis


For bandwidth optimization we would need to assess the actual bandwidth available as well as the link quality. We do it manually today using the traffic generator built-in the speedfusion status page and the WAN analysis tool.

Simple request : please add these to the device API for automation…

I should get at least a Martin and a Marcus like for that one. I’m pretty sure that if we get 20 likes Peplink will put it in 8.1.1 :innocent: :wink:

Thanks !


Don’t start playing mind games with me!

But yes. I like the idea. I would add that it would be great if every time we run a WAN analysis speedtest that the results could get automatically logged in InControl2.

If that happened, I would love the ability to set a time period and interval for speed tests for those situations and scenarios where that data would be really useful.


I too like this feature request from @Venn and the added idea from @MartinLangmaid
Happy to Help,
Marcus :slight_smile: