Device already belongs to another organization issue, can this be resolved?

We’re new to using PepLink devices and are now trying to adopt around 30+ MAX BR1 Mini’s into InControl but have several that are telling us they are already controlled by another organization. I’m assuming this persists through a factory reset of the device correct?
If purchased through multiple reseller’s is there a way to adopt the “already controlled” devices without purchasing new devices with a “clean” serial number?

did you buy them new or used?

did you contact the resellers?

are they peplink authorized resellers?

My understanding is that an administrator of the IC2 organization wherewith the unit is registered has to de-register it (i.e., remove it from the IC2 organization).

This can be a stumbling block if your purchase is through intermediaries who were not the ones employing the unit in the past.

If the seller offered the unit for sale as “fully functional” (or verbiage to that effect) then you’d have a basis for reversing the purchase unless the seller managed to make IC2 available, i.e., managed to restore the IC2 functionality of the unit.

I have seen that argument win the day for eBay purchases (ending with the sale being reversed or the seller being sufficiently incentivized to ensure that the unit could register with the purchaser’s IC2).



Thanks guys! I’ll look into the wording of the sellers “agreements” to see if they’re mentioned as fully functional. I believe that there were several Amazon retailers over a few months that they were purchased from, so I don’t believe many were from the same retailer. Some may have been refurbished I’ll check the sellers listing to see what wording was used when we bought the devices.