"Device already belongs to another organization" despite being removed


A few months ago, I needed a Peplink setup with cellular internet access and WiFi coverage. I rented the router from a Peplink partner, but they couldn’t rent access points, so I bought one from them. They set up all the devices on their own InControl instance.

Fast forward to today and I bought my own routers from the same partner. I’m currently managing them using Peplink’s InControl. So I want to add the access point to the same InControl and same organization.

I still have access to the partner’s InControl so I’ve removed the access point from their InControl following the official Peplink FAQ:

But when I add the access point to Peplink’s InControl, I get this message: “Device already belongs to another organization”. I’ve been retrying for a few hours already.

What’s wrong?

Thank you in advance!

Bonjour Romain,

Is it from an ICVA or Peplink IC2?

If it wasnt removed from the partner original IC2, it will block :wink:

Bonjour Pierre-Gilles,

@Venn is the partner I was talking about.
But for the sake of testing the Peplink community and my abilities, let’s pretend you’re just another community member. :wink:

I guess that it’s from an ICVA (InControl Virtual Appliance?), and based on your question, I guess that I’ve removed it from this ICVA, but it’s still associated with the partner “parent” InControl 2?

So I need to ask the partner to remove it from its IC2?

If so, the aforementioned FAQ is incomplete.

Correct. Quick email to your supplier and it should be solved.