Destination Hotels & Resorts

Meet Growing Bandwidth Demands Easily.

Destination Hotels & Resorts.

Destination Hotels & Resorts is consistently ranked as one of the top ten hospitality management companies in the country. Their portfolio includes more than 30 distinctive properties scattered throughout the country’s most desirable and attractive vacation destinations. 

Quality Internet Access is Required.

“It’s common to find guests bringing their laptops on their trips and most will want to take full advantage of all that the Internet has to offer, including streaming video, video chat, and VoIP phone calls. We need to provide a positive experience for guests,” said Josh Brace, Director of IT at Sunriver Resorts. “If the Internet doesn’t satisfy them, many will tell their friends, families, and colleagues to avoid our facilities and we lose business.”

The challenge for Destination Hotels & Resorts is that many of their properties operate in secluded areas where Internet service is not as readily available as it is in major market cities, making it difficult to provide the bandwidth demanded by hotel guests. At best, they can expect to find T-1 service for $450/mo and higher bandwidth options are rarely available where these properties are located.

Easy to Use Internet Load Balancing Solution.

Ted Ely, Corporate IT Director, uses the Peplink Balance to combine multiple Internet services and provide the bandwidth each property needs to satisfy guest demands. “Peplink meets with all our requirements: aggregation, VPN, ease of setup, and range of models to suit any of our properties circumstances,” said Ely. Previously, the company tested offerings from other vendors. They were disappointed with the complicated user interfaces and the need to pay more to get the throughput a specific hotel may need. They found the overall package that Peplink Balance series offered is the best. “Peplink really understands what features are ‘real world’ useful and they clearly have the best combination of features, ease of use, cost of ownership, and range of products,” said Ely. “It’s our goal to have a Balance router installed at all of our properties over time.”  

Reliable Solution for Any Bandwidth Needs.

With some hotels having as many as 800 rooms, Ely can pick from a range of models. He recently purchased the Peplink Balance 1350 for a San Diego conference center because of the router’s ability to handle as many as thirteen Internet services. “The Peplink Balance even makes it easy for us to split off a certain amount of connectivity, making us a more attractive host to special events,” said Michelle Koch, IT Manager at Skamania Lodge. When it comes time to equip one of their hotels with a Peplink Balance, Josh Brace and Ted Ely are happy that the ease of setup allows them to do everything with in-house IT staff, and never requires hiring an outside integrator. The Peplink Balance series is “rock solid and works right out of the box,” added Ely. “If there was a high cost of ownership, it would not be our solution, even if it was the greatest product in the world.”