Design validation: 4 x DSL speedfusion to HQ for Internet access

I just wanted to confirm a design that I have not done before. We have used speedfusion between two sites but always allow Internet directly out of each. That works great.

I have a site (A) where highspeed broadband is not available we can only get DSL. In our headquarters (HQ) we have a 25up/25down internet circuit.
Can I use 4 DSL circuits at site A bonded with speedfusion and connected to HQ for internet access?
Will I get the bonded speed of the 4 DSLs for that Internet access?

On the HQ side how will I configure the Peplink to route the site A traffic to the Internet and back properly.

Site A –<speed fusion>------> HQ -----> Internet



Hi Troy.

If you delete all existing outbound policies on your Site A Peplink, and change the default outbound policy to Enforced and select the VPN connection to the head office, all Internet traffic will be pushed through the bonded SpeedFusion link to your head office, and will then break out to the Internet there. It is not necesarry to make any changes on your head office Peplink. Site A will also be subject to the existing policies on the head office Peplink.

You can read here for more info: