Design config firewall and peplink


Hello I want to put peplink 580 in my center behind firewall with one line symmetric 200M/200M
with specific ip address
or maybe to config drop in mode to make speedfusion with 380
in the far site
can yu sent design to this scenario and how its right to config that


  1. Install B580 in Datacentre
  2. Plug WAN1 into the LAN of the firewall
  3. Openand forward ports required by speedfusion.
  4. Add static routes for your remote sites to the existing firewall(with your B580 WAN1 IP as the destination)



But if I want to config bridhe mode in center

Can you send me a guide to operate this ? step by step

Thanks amos


Sure, you can use drop in mode on the B580 in the datacentre if you want.

I could but you’d be better served by getting your hands on the kit and working in out yourself. The manual is clear and its a straight forward configuration.

Either that or speak with a local Peplink Partner who can help.