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My company currently has a site located within the Philippines with poor data communications. We currently have 2 x ISP(A) DSL services, and 1 x ISP(B) DSL services that are at maximum bandwidth. Whilst we have a new MPLS connectivity project in progress we have to come up with an interim solution to enhance bandwidth.

We use the connections to supply IPSEC VPN connectivity to one of our main offices within Australia (3 seperate IPSEC VPNs…one per WAN connection.) The Hardware in use is a legacy design that has poorly grown, with a Cisco firewall router doing basic outbound load balancing for the 2 x ISB (A) links, and the other link going through a different Juniper Firewall to its associated modem.

I am considering obtaining a Pepwave MAX 700 device to enable supplementing 3G and 4G connectivity with the existing 3 x DSL connections.

The Issues:-

  1. Can we create multiple ipsec tunnels back to our head office using the Pepwave MAX 700 (IE one tunnel per WAN connection)?

  2. Can we load balance across the multiple ipsec tunnels

  3. Can the Pepwave Max 700 create IPSEC tunnels to a linux based firewall at the remote end.

  4. If the answer is no to points 1/2/3 what would the best device be to use within the remote end to allow PPTP. I would prefer this device if required also supported having multiple external sites to have individual/meshed PPTP links (IE more than one Pepwave MAX 700 or equivalent device, connecting back to the head office)

  5. Can the Pepwave MAX 700 support 3 x DSL (Ethernet tails) links, and some USB modems concurrently.

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Peplink Balance/Pepwave MAX IPsec only supports connection with Cisco, Juniper or Peplink devices.

If the remote IPsec gateway is the device described above, you can one tunnel to one remote gateway, but you can configure the failover in case the existing WAN goes down, IPsec will be connected through another WAN.

In you situation, I suggest to use Peplink Balance (such as Balance 580 or above) in your main office. You can create Peplink/Pepwave Site-to-Site VPN between the MAX 700 and Balance unit with utilizing the bandwidth of all Internet links by VPN bonding technology

Regarding Pepwave MAX 700, it has 2 x Ethernet interfaces. Therefore, it supports up to two DSL links. If you have only one USB modem for 3G or 4G service, you can consider Peplink Balance 310 or above which supports at least 3 x Ethernet interfaces with one additional USB port for 3G/4G supporting.

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