Deploying At Casino Resort Hoiana



Hoiana is one of the two largest international 5-star luxury Casino Resort projects in Vietnam with registered investment capital of up to 4 billion USD. In addition to the modern casino system, Hoiana also provides many other recreational facilities, including: healthcare, shopping, cultural exhibitions, handicrafts, amusement parks, yachts, …

In addition, Hoiana also invested in a mobile internet system on a high-end Limousine chain used to transport VIP passengers from Chu Lai Airport – Quang Nam and within the area of ​​Casino, Resort and Goft to enhance service experience. , meet the needs of entertainment or handle work anytime, anywhere of customers.


As one of the services that determine the satisfaction of guests, therefore, the choice of a mobile Internet system for Limousines should also be assessed and checked against the following standards:

  • The solution is highly flexible, easy to develop and scale up the system in the future.
  • Ensure access speed and stability of connection.
  • Meet the needs of centralized management and remote configuration easily through Cloud.
  • The device works stably, has flexible roaming capabilities.


After considering the solutions to provide mobile Internet from many different reputable brands, the investor chose the solution from Peplink / Pepwave. Specifically:

Not only providing the Internet for customers in the vehicle, the solution also creates a VPN connection from the vehicle to the surveillance center to transmit dashcam image data to ensure that there are no mistakes in the journey.

As a professional product line with a powerful hardware structure, Peplink Pepwave Router devices always bring the highest performance, meet all access needs with outstanding features:

  • MAX Transit Duo mounted on Limousine is designed with 4 SIM slots, allowing use of up to 4 different carriers, including:
    • 2 SIM cards run simultaneously to help speed up network access of passengers.
    • Dual SIM backup with Failover feature, automatically switch networks quickly when the primary SIM has problems.
  • 802.11ac dual-band WiFi helps reduce interference and conflicts, providing a stable connection for devices used in vehicles such as dashcam, laptop, smartphone, tablet, …
  • Peplink Social WiFi Hotspot supports Hoiana in implementing a variety of advertising campaigns to increase customers’ attention on casino activities and services.

Connect SpeedFusion SD-WAN from MAX Transit Duo devices in the vehicle to Peplink Balance 1350 at the center to improve reliability and speed up transmission of image data from the camera.

Peplink Balance 1350 provides the ability to evenly distribute data traffic to different Internet lines, making the control center’s Internet access uninterrupted.


The deployment of Peplink Pepwave Router equipment for Dcar Limousine not only helps VIP guests staying at the resort have access to the Internet anytime, anywhere, but also brings the best experience for customers about service quality. provided.

With equipment with high flexibility, easy installation and synchronous management via Cloud InControl2 , Hoiana can easily change or increase the number of Router devices while ensuring the system’s synchronization. and optimize cost and deployment time.

As a genuine agent of Peplink / Pepwave brand in Vietnam and a team of highly specialized experts, Genco Company is always ready to accompany and advise on high quality connection solutions, following the actual needs of customers with the most suitable cost.