Deny Web Admin access from LAN

Dear Support,

We have a problem with an HD2. The customer is using two different VLAN, the first one is configured with an external captive portal for the guests. The other VLAN is for the employees, so they can surf the web without any captive portal. On both vlan we have access to the device admin page, is there any option to prevent this?


You can’t block this if user from LAN. Anyway Web Admin still protected by password. You may change Web Admin port if needed (System > Admin Security).

Hi Liew, thanks for replay, it’s possible introduce this feature in the next release ?


Hi Antonio,

Let me move your thread to Features Request for the team to take consideration.

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Hi Antonio,

In 6.2.1 release, we have added “LAN Connection Access Settings” to allow a specific LAN network to have web admin access. This should fit your need for preventing guest users to see web admin.



could you please help me to find the “LAN Connection Access Setting” on Balance210 with 6.2.1 FW?

I can only find “WAN Connection Access Settings”

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You don’t see it probably because you have only ONE LAN network. The option becomes available when you have created an additional network under Network->LAN page.