Delete unused (previous old) firmware after update

When selecting reboot from the menu my balance 30 displays two versions of firmware to boot with :

Select the firmware you want to use to start up this device:

**Firmware 1: v5.1.5 build 1027*
*Firmware 2: v5.3.12 build 1303 (Running)*

But I want to delete Firmware 1. How may I do that?

A firmware upgrade will replace the firmware on the inactive (not running) partition.

Simply upgrade with a new firmware and firmware 1: v5.1.5 build 1027 will be replaced.

Thanks. Yes, Upgrading to 5.4 replaced both Firmware 1 and Firmware 2 at the same time.

This means that now I have only 5.4 installed and it is not dual-boot with 5.3 (I expected it to be this manner again)

On the other side, having the ability to boot from both firmwares was a good idea. It is useful for a limited time that someone may decide whether the change is suitable or not. Afterwards, lets say after a month or two could delete the unnecessary one (either newer / older) to reduce maintenance confusions.

Thanks a lot.

Thanks. I use it all the time myself to try out the latest beta and roll back to production release. All in a few clicks.