Default route on WAN and LAN interfaces


I’m working on a scenario where a hub Peplink Balance is having both LAN and WAN interfaces connected to the Internet and both have a public IP.

Is it possible to configure a default route on both WAN and LAN interface? Gateways are not the same of course.
Will the device automatically route outgoing VPN traffic to the gateway defined on the WAN interface and outgoing non-VPN traffic to the gateway defined on the LAN interface?


This scenario can work however it is not actually two default routes. Routes for the VPN are automatically learned over SpeedFusion and any other routes towards WAN side can be set with outbound policy. Routes towards the LAN side are set under “Static Routes” within the LAN configuration. In your situation all you need to do is set a default route on the LAN side as follows:

Destination Network:
Subnet Mask:
Gateway: your desired LAN side gateway IP


So the gateway for the VPN traffic are set using the outbound policy, gateway on LAN are set in the LAN menu, and routes to addresses behind the VPN peer are learned over the VPN.