Default Password / Username

Hello, I am having problem with a PolePoint 400-X. This unit has been working fine for years but last week I was unable to log into the unit. Unit said my password or username was bad. However at the time the unit was still functioning as it is suppose to. I had our maintenance man bring the unit down from the cealing where I could access it. I have reset the unit and powered it on and off multiple times. The unit has reset as it now has a ip of, I can go to this address from my laptop that is plugged into the unit and setup with a static ip of, Firefox will connect to the unit and then the unit ask for username and password. I have tried username: admin and password: public and every other possible default combination I could think of and all with no luck. Has a firmware upgrade or something changed the default username and password? Please help, as of now I have a complete manufacturing facility without wifi.
Thanks in advance

PS the unit is not connected or controlled by a Peplink Balance router. It just connects to our network switch.


You can try to reset the username and password via InControl. Please ensure PolePoint can access to internet.