Default and InControl Subnets

We have several MAX units deployed and managed by InControl. Each location needs to have a different Subnet as they are all aggregating back to a FusionHub instance in Amazon AWS. The issue I have is the default Untagged VLAN is always going to be on each unit as we are setting the Subnets up for each unit within the “VLAN Networks” section of InControl. We then assign the correct VLAN to the correct MAX.

My problem is we have to set up two different networks on each MAX unit, one for the untagged VLAN and one for the InControl VLAN. Is their a better way of setting this up? We want to have the ability to change the VLAN’s on the fly if need be from InControl, without having to remote into the box each and every time.

Hi EWOL86,

you can set the untagged LAN via Device IP Settings individual to each device in the group.
Create a couple of VLANs under InControls VLAN Networks and use Tags to deploy them.
You can then change the VLAN on the fly by setting the appropriate Tag. You can even do this on a schedule base.