Deciding what to purchase

I am running a home business, and now have two cable modem accounts (one at 15/2 the other at 50/5, which may go to 100/5 in the near future).

The problems I’m trying to fix:

  • if one of the users inside the business does a big upload (saturating the 2mpbs upload), the download bandwidth falls apart.
  • if one of the users inside the business does a big download (saturating the 15mpbs download), the upload and download bandwidth falls apart.

I’m pretty sure the Peplink 20 is what I want, but I have some questions:

  • The PepLink 20 has a 100mbps bandwidth limit. With my current 2 WANs, I’m at 65/7, I can see in the near future having 100 + 20 or even higher. I’m worried that if my WAN speeds go much higher, the PepLink 20 would be unable to keep up? Is this a hardware limitation, or could there be firmware improvements to up this speed?

  • The Peplink 20, unlike other (cheaper) competitors, doesn’t offer user/group bandwidth limitations. What I want to do is to be able to set maximum bandwidths for about 4 users (2 servers, 2 humans). The servers mostly serve FTP files, but the humans do HTTP, HTTPS, FTP, etc. Can the PepLink 20 do this? I want to make sure that the 2 servers have a minimum bandwidth allocation.

  • Cable Modem 1 has 2 static IP addresses. Cable Modem 2 is a DHCP device. I need to have the 2 different static IPs visible to WAN, and have those route properly to separate devices on the LAN. Can the PepLink 20 handle this? (Note: i understand that inbound bandwidth can’t be bonded – that’s fine. I just want to make sure that I can handle 2 WANs, one of which has 2 static IPs, and one of which is Dynamic).

Replies, advice, cheerfully accepted, thanks.


All the Balance units include a DSL/Cable optimization feature to prevent saturation of asymmetric links like you described. For the remaining questions:

  • This primarily a processing limitation. If you forsee breaking 100 Mbps then a Balance 305 or the upcoming Balance One should be used as a starting point.

  • The above feature and per application prioritization are the only QoS options available on Balance 20. Per user and group bandwidth control is available starting on the Balance 305.

  • Both of your static IPs and be bound the the Peplink along with your DHCP link. Port forwarding and 1 to 1 NAT mapping can be used to contact LAN side devices.


The Balance One actually sounds great for me - I’d love to be able to get 2 of them and use SpeedFusion to bond two remote offices together - am I correct in understanding that the new 6.1 Firmware for Peplink 20 and 30 does provide PepVPN, but does not provide SpeedFusion?

Re: Balance One - any hints you can give on pricing / availability?


Yes the new 6.1 firmware does provide PePVPN but not SpeedFusion. They use the same engine but the main difference is that PePVPN does not provide WAN Aggregation but you will still get Session Persistence.

Also, the Balance One is very close to be released! There will be two different versions of the Balance One (SpeedFusion and Non-SpeedFusion). The estimated time for Balance to be publicly release for purchase is about 1-2 weeks.
Pricing will also vary of course but I do not have a definite price yet until it is publicly released. Stay tuned and we will be sure to announce once the Balance One is available to purchase!

Will the device automatically route outgoing VPN traffic to the gateway defined on the WAN interface and outgoing non-VPN traffic to the gateway defined on the LAN interface?

SpeedFusion VPNs automatically learn routes from their peers so VPN traffic goes over the correct link. Non VPN traffic will go out your WAN or LAN interfaces depending on your Outbound Policy and static routes.