Deciding on which router

I am sure this has been discussed but was unable to find what i need. I am trying to decide between the Balance 20, 30 or 210.

We have a business with an average of about 15 users per day at a time. Max probably about 25. Internet is used for everything. We use boldchat to speak with customers on our website and are constantly looking up parts from different databases online.
We of course need the multi wan in case one connection drops the router switches over.
3G/4G support would be great along with dual land lines. Do they all include this? The possibilty of a cable, dsl and 3G hookup?
We dont have too much need for vpn yet. currently just use hamachi. hamachi so far is serving us well for the 3-4 users that currently need access.

Other than price what is the difference between the 20 and 30?

Any major benefit of going with a 210 over a 20 or 30?


Hi Erich,

Thank you for your interest in the Balance. The Difference between the Balance 20 and 30 is the additional WAN port on the Balance 30. Otherwise tech specs are the same. The biggest benefit for the B210 is more “breathing room” in regards to number of users as well as an expanded list of options for Outbound Load Balancing (you have the full list of 7 to choose from on the 210/310 as opposed to 5 on the 20/30). There is also increase VPN options on the B210/310 that the 20/30 does not.

I hope that helps to clarify matters, let me know if there is anything else to cover.


Thank you very much. Just want to clarify one thing. will both the 20 and the 30 support two broadband connections plus a 3g modem? can the 3g modem be configured to only be active in case both broadband connections go down?

Thank you

Hi Erich,

Thank you for the follow-up. Yes, both can be setup for 2 Ethernet connections (or 3 in regards to the B30) and 1 additional USB 3g/4g connection. You can also setup the USB/Mobile connection for just backup use a couple of different ways (either with Outbound Policy or just WAN status). You can also turn on a bandwidth cap for the connection to “turn it off” when you hit a monthly allowance if needed.

I hope that helps, let me know if you have other questions.


I appreciate the quick responses! One more question and I will leave you alone (I just want to make sure). We have two connections a 50MB/5MB and a 6MB/1MB. Really we are only interested in the router switching connections in case one goes down.

My question is: Is there any limit to the type and/or speed of the connection that the router supports? we may move to fiber connection for the primary which would be more than the 50MB down.

Thank you very much and I am sure that’s all the questions I have. I believe we have decided on the 20 so far.

Hi Erich,

Glad to help! The Balance 20/30 is rated for 100mb of throughput which does include both up and download speeds (synchronous) at a given moment. Keep that in mind when deciding on which router to use, as far as type of WAN basically as long as it’s an Ethernet handoff (or USB) the Balance should not have an issue using it. Some USB may require a firmware update but the Ethernet connections should not have an issue normally.