Dead Peplink 380 E Balance

So I started having trouble with our local network yesterday, and I thought I had it sorted, but, today, the local network is down again. On reboot, the Peplink is now only booting to the Blackbars I’ve seen as the death knell for other Peplinks. I’ve got a support ticket in, no response so far, but wanted to know, if we are going to stick with Peplink, what’s the natural replacement for a 380E. Right now, we only have one service at the office, but used the multiple lan ports for physically separated lans.

I was also able to download the config file yesterday, and was wondering if there’s a tool to read it. Doesn’t look like anything useful if I try a text editor. Pretty new to Peplinks, and this one was setup by my predecessor without much documentation, so the config file would be handy to make sure if I get a replacment, I’m setting everything up as it was.

Also, how reliable is it to import a config from one Peplink to another. I know from my Cisco days, that was never the greatest option, and def not if you were moving from one model to the other.

What is it about the B380 functionality that you use? That pretty much determines what to look at, in addition to whatever future-proofing you want.

For a two-WAN (wired) with 1Gbps throughput the Balance Two looks pretty good.

[One of our hub routers is a B380 HW6, and if it dies, it’ll likely be replaced by a B2]

If you only need one WAN connection then the B20X is rather compelling - 900Mbps throughput, inexpensive PrimeCare, and (through the MiniFlex modules) somewhat future-proof.

And of course - there are other options. Tell us your budget and core functionality needs and we (or better yet, a Peplink partner) can take it from there.



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Thanks for the response. Do you know if I’d be able to port my config over to B20x? We have a solid dedicated Fiberline, and no secondary, so the fail over feature isn’t really needed. Might be something to grow into. Or are you aware of a tool to read the config file?

A configuration migration tool would be available to the partners, I believe, or you may lodge a support ticket. However, my expectation is that a B380 => B20X automatic migration tool/function does not exist.