Dead HD Max 4 support?

I"m curious as to what the actual support mechanism for Pepwave is, it seems to a mess from a relatively first time user. We purchased an HD Max 4 - for around 4k, it arrived and worked for roughly an hour or two and now has a constant flash pattern (all ethernet interfaces flash amber every 10-15 seconds). It appears to be a DOA unit. I head over to pepwave’s site and the support page shows plans to buy, no phone number to call and directs me to a community forum.

How is it my $100 samsung smart things has both phone, chat and a forum but pepwave cant manage either? How do i get a replacement for this paperweight?

Peplinks are supported by partners, resellers, distributors, then the manufacture.
Have you reached out to your point of service that you purchased it from?

Actually, as @Jonathan_Pitts suggested, Peplink has all of this! Just start with your point of purchase. They should be able to put things in motion for you very promptly! If you find that does not work come back here promptly and let us know.

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