DDNS sync is not working correctly?

Hi everybody

I do have 1 Peplink 380 with 2 Internet connections on WAN 1 and WAN 2.

I both WAN, I did configured DDNS (with dyndns.org) with the same configuration.

The idea is to be able to remotely reach my internal network using a single domain.

So, DDNS server should be always updated with at least one of the available public IP’s.

For doing that, Peplink should have a mean to check what is the public IP address configured in the DDNS server, and if that public IP is from a WAN that, for some reason, is not active, it should update the DDNS server configuration with the public IP from one of the other WAN’s that are active.

However, it seams that this is not working this way. The test I made was very simple:

With all WAN’s active, I did checked in my DDNS server account what was the IP address that was set. With this information, I did checked what was the correspondent WAN connection and simply unplugged the cable.
Peplink gets the information that the WAN connection is down (no cable detected), but it doesn’t update the DDNS server with the IP from one of the other active WAN’s.

Does anyone already had similar problem?

Any suggestion on how to solve this?

Nuno Olivença

Hi Nuno

I have not experienced your problem, but I know that having more than one connection updating DynDNS is not ideal. Please take a look at their update abuse policy (Domain Name System (DNS) | Oracle)

I recommend that you take a look at Peplink’s Inbound load balancing (http://www.peplink.com/index.php?view=faq&id=123&path=19). This should definitely be able to assist you.

If you don’t want to pay for a static IP or can’t get one, then you will need a separate host name/DDNS account for each WAN connection.

Thank you very much Cobus,

I am already looking on how to perform the configuration.

I have no much experience with DNS server configuration, and I already sent an email to my registar to check how to deal with it.

In the meantime, I can tell you that I do have a DynDNS Pro account, and in that situation, the abuse policy is not such a big problem.

Also thank you very much for your info Tim.

I do have an IP address both in WAN1 and WAN2. That is not the problem.

I was simply trying to find a solution to have a way to reach a server that is behind my Peplink 380 using only one domain and was checking if using DDNS this could solve the problem.

It seams that the suggestion from Cobus can fit my needs, providing I am able to get my registar to perform the needed changes and that I am able to perform a properly Peplink configuration

Thank you both