DDNS service

I have one 380 and a Max 700. I wish to use 4 nos 3G modems and DSL on Max 700 side.
I wish to use 2 DSLs and two USB Modems on 380 side.

In order to have a speed fusion, how many dynmic hosts I need from DynDns.org or from TZO?

Is there any possibility use OPENDNS or DNSomatic services.

Dilip Kumar

In order to create a SpeedFusion tunnel, at least one of the interfaces has to have a static IP or DDNS address. It doesn’t matter which device you use, but I suggest using the DSL on the Balance 380.

Also, you will not be able to use two modems on the 380, it only supports one modem even though there is two USB ports.

Is there way to optimize the speed fusion for video streaming? I changed the QOS to Video streaming. Still It is not.

I established Speedfusion between MAX700 and Balance 380.
380 has two dsl connections and Max has 4 USB 3G dongles. Band width of each WAN fluctuation is very fast. That is why streaming is not smooth.

Any WAN Optimization is possible so that bandwidth remain almost stable?

WAN strat from 2KBPS to 1 MBPS. But this one MBPS remain just for a second and drastically fall to 30 KBPS.

Please suggest me the solution.