DDNS authorization failure

I have setup a DDNS using changeIP.com and filled in the same information for both my WiMAX WAN and my LTE failover WAN.

When on my normal (static IP) WiMAX connection, the DDNS address updates fine. When I fail over onto (AT&T Mobile) LTE, the DDNS address never changes. Reading the event log, it says LTE - authentication failure.

Why would the WiMAX authenticate, but the LTE not? Username, password, service…all fields, are the same for both.

Drew VS

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I’m needing a reply on this, Peplink.

There have been prior discussions on this. DDNS will not work over a cellular connection. Its not a Peplink issue.

I had not found any link on that but just did now. It sounds like the issue is not about being cellular per se, but about being double NAT’ed. I’ll check that out, thanks.

I can confirm that DDNS works just fine over my Verizon mifi device plugged into my Balance One USB port. I use no-ip as the DDNS provider.

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Hello Barthold,

Did you have to do any special setting beside ddns to have your modem respond to the inquiries to the ddns URL?

I’m having difficulty with this step. I have the DDNS set up. The IP is resolving correctly. When I type the DDN URL in the browser, it even resolves it to “http://[MY-DDNS-URL]/cgi-bin/MANGA/index.cgi” but it stops there.