DCS-RUG End of life?

We’ve got a single DCS-RUG HW v.1 running FW 1.1.1 build 2758 in our network. We want to do a small change to how it’s used and get it connected through the PepVPN using the Layer2 features. Presently, it only has PepVPN version 6.0.0 where the rest of our infrastructure is at PepVPN 9.1.0. Thus, the devices are incompatible due to TLS deprecation.

The latest FW, 1.1.1, was released Oct 26th, 2017. Are there any plans for updates to this 3.5 year old firmware?

We still support Device Connector Rugged. You may upgrade your Device Connector Rugged to the firmware below.


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I see. Thank you.

1.2.0 is not posted at https://www.peplink.com/support/downloads/