DCS Feature in APs


as the Device Connectors are EOL, we are looking for a new device.
My Idea is, why don’t we use a Peplink AP and enable a “DCS-Mode”. This would be helpful in so many circumstances.

What do you think about that feature request?

Best wishes


I’ve been using mesh right now, but I agree I would like to see the full DCS feature set.

@Eddy_Yeung is there a plan to get this feature?
I get a few questions how to connect devices to a existing WiFi (no Peplink)


You are referring to the Wi-Fi bridge mode, right!? What are the scenarios you run into? Just trying to understand how often and the cases.

We are missing the device connector.
I receive a question about that every few weeks. In this moment someone is asking about a rugged version.
They want to connect forklifts and mobile office fligth cases into existing WiFi.
Last one was for hospitals. The wanted to connect the printres and computers while they are on a trolley.
The DCS Mode as a feature in the APs would be really nice. You should know, that many other vendors stopped selling products like that.

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The last inquiry we received was for something like an updated version of the DCS-RUG. The application was for use in a warehouse for installation on forklifts.

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Maybe add a ‘Wifi WAN’ option to the AP firmware? The AP’s already support a ‘router’ function to NAT or Bridge the other way around.

For now you could use any Peplink router with Wi-Fi WAN option to connect to an existing network over Wi-Fi.

What we need is no NAT, so we need the same Subnet as the WiFi has. Perfect would be if the MAC of the Client we be seen by the DHCP Server e.g. for Reservations

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Doesn’t IP Forwarding on the Wi-Fi WAN interface do this? Just checked on a B20X and the option to use IP Forwarding is there on the Wi-Fi WAN interfaces.

IP forwarding will still have different subnets on the “wan” and “lan” sides, it just disables nat (so the “upstream” device would have to have a route back to your lan side subnet).

Ah right, we never use IP Forwarding and we rarely use Peplink Wi-Fi, so are used to using Ruckus Mesh for this kind of setup. Doesn’t Peplink Wi-Fi bridge the LAN port to the Wi-Fi when using Mesh?

I know Ruckus, Aruba (only Instant On excluded) and Unifi do this.

Could you not set the Mesh SSID and Password the same as the Mesh SSID your other Wi-Fi uses if it is not a Peplink Wi-Fi setup?