DCHP Config Alert

It would be nice if in the event log it displayed if there was a DHCP conflict detected. I have run into situations where a devices will get connected to a network and will start handing out IP address to devices on the network and will cause the network to become unreliable. If this could be detected it would speed up troubleshooting customer problems alot.

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This should be a feature from switch and we have implemented it in SD-Switch.- DHCP Snooping.


That’s good to hear these feature in available in the SD-Switch. This feature needs to be implemented in your routers as well. We deploy hundreds of Peplink Surf SOHO routers in residential and small business environments. We run into issues with customers purchasing network related devices and hooking them up and causing DHCP conflicts. If we had DHCP snooping we could faster troubleshoot the support request. And most importantly avoid having to send a technician onsite.

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