Data Usage for maintaining the cellular connection?


Would anyone happen to know the data usage of a BR1 for maintaining the cellular connection when it is in standby, and the Ethernet WAN is being used? For example, for the router to remain connected to the cellular network, how much data is used on the cellular connection in 1 24 hour period?


Hi. I think that would totally depend on the network/provider in use.
Quick data point: Among other Peplink products, we have a Balance with AT&T 4G modem attached to the USB port. When in “cold standby” no data is used – as expected. However, when in “hot” standby mode every morning in the middle of the night it uses very roughly 10MB of data. Other than that roughly brief exchange in the middle of the [local] night it uses almost nothing – the rest probably mostly from ICMP packets (not much).

So, I strongly suspect that this issue is “Peplink independent” (other than ping traffic, over which the user has total control as to frequency) and is really a function of the network in use.

Others are, of course, invited to correct/clarify my comments.


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