Data monitor per wan link

I live out in the boondocks and have to have 3 ISP’s that limit your data so I bought the peplink 20 and can use my mifi card via usb. Great but I want to be able when the data monitor is turned on next to the status of the wan link see how much data has been used on that link. And I have different days they end with each ISP so when I run a monthly report to see where my data is for a link that ends on the 15th it only gives me a partial month under the usage chart.

Aslo with the data monitor my ISP cuts my data off on the 28th at 11:59, so I get in a two day gap sometimes. Could it be possible to set the time to be 11:59pm or 12am. The current day says the 28th at midnight so it always turns on the link so the whole day of the 28th it’s calculating data.

Hi, To summarize, you need to be able to pull bandwidth usage reports per WAN link with custom time periods (ie from the 15th (@ 12am) of the first month to the 14th (@11.59pm) of the next month, you’d like the total bandwidth used shown on the dashboard, and you’d like to be able to change the time the bandwidth monitor treats as the stop period for the month (at the moment we only support 12am on the selected day).

Is that right? If so, I’ll move this post to the feature requests forum for review by the balance team.

One of the quickest ways to get you useful reports for your scenario might be to ask the InCOntrol team to look at the possibility of adding the ability to run a bandwidth report with custom start and end dates/times. Would that work in the interim?

Yes thank you, and in the mean time your suggestion would work for me with the custom end and start dates for the reports.

Great - thanks for the confirmation. We’ll add it for review then by the Balance and InControl Product teams.

Thanks for your feature request!