Data Cap Bandwidth Option

With the data caps now being imposed on users by Comcast, AT&T and Verizon at the same time that Netflix is driving a huge increase in download volume, it would be a very useful tool to have data caps as an available option under the Balance’s bandwidth management. I use the load balancer for managing a wireless community network for 160 homes and it’s not so much the speeds that we need to limit as it is the total number of megabytes or gigabytes consumed per day (mostly for Netflix).

You already track the MBs consumed per IP address. Could you have a maximum data cap that would be automatically reset at the end of the day or month? The consequence of hitting the cap would either be to not allow further traffic or to put the IP address in a low speed user group.

I follow the DSR Reports forum for wireless ISPs and I know this feature would be a huge hit - and the Peplink Balance already is collecting MBs per IP for the day and for the month.

Hi Leighton.

Thanks for using Peplink.

Thanks for the suggestion and our side will take note on it.

We do have one feature call Bandwidth Allowance Monitor which is able to disconnect that particular WAN link when the usage hits 100%.