Data bandwith Consumption with Inactivity on Balance

I realized that my data bandwidth is continuously being consumed when connected to Balance and UBR. I don’t know why that is the case. So if I leave the internet on I will realize huge data consumption after a while. Why is it so.


how many MB or GB per day are “huge data” on your UBR?
Do you have PepVPN enabled?

Some helath checks are running, so these are doing some noise on the line.

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Hi, thanks for your kind response. I have 8GB running each day and after about 2 -3 hours, I realize more about 2GB has been consumed and I can not really tell which device connected to the Balance and UBR have used up most of the data mean while on the balance and UBR you can see that they consume more than the sum of what the connected devices consumed.

I am using the Speedfusion CLoud to do the PepVPN bonding.

Then I would check InControls Usage Reports first
1GB per hour is not the normal health check.

Did you set the Failure detection time to extreme or is it recommended?

It might be helpful is you said exactly which models you are referring to. As to the Balance router (not familiar with UBR) it reports bandwidth usage in each direction by hour and by day per client IP address. This should easily tell you which device is the problem.

Then, you can monitor the connections made by that device.

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