Data Allowed after threshold policy/schedule

I’d like to see data allowed after threshold as a policy/schedule.
Outbound rules can utilize a schedule to allow sites/ ip addresses based on time of day.
I’d like there to also be a policy to allow outbound rules based on up to the limit and or exceed the current data policies.
For example: We have clients that we setup with a 5GB data limit, if it hits that limit we have it turn off the cellular interface.
Now the device is off line in incontrol and we can no longer access it to turn it back on.
Is there a way that we can add something similar to the scheduling object so it can be used with the outbound rules such as:
AllowAccessToDataThreshold all internet
AllowAccessAfterDataThreshold or your private incontrol domain

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I have seen another similar request:
The ability to have access to the device via IC2 once the SIM data allowance is used.

  1. Set the 50GB data allowance SIM to stop allowing all outbound traffic except that to IC2 at 49.5GB
  2. you then have 500MB of 'management data once the data allowance is used.

Could this be set up using the existing access rules?