Daily Usage report per SIM slots is no longer populating

When i try to get a daily usage report per sim slots, I noticed that Cellular slots stopped to populate since 05/04/2022 (viewed on many different pepwave).

To reproduce :

  • Go on a device that has one or more sim cards, report, select check the Daily option.
  • Select Cellular 1 → data is available up to current day
  • Select any Cellular 1 - SIM A or SIM B → Data unavailable since 05/04/2022, and 05/04/2022 values are not matching the one in cellular 1 for that day.

Cellular 1 Daily usage View:

As you can see, data usage for sim slots is no longer populated after the 05/04/2022:

If I check the hourly or realtime view, the Sim cards are doing traffic, so data usage should be reported.

Additionally, when i check on the pepwave with remote access, I noticed that 05/05/2022 is duplicated in the usage report (Cellular 1 - Sim 1 displayed):

Model Used for screenshots: Pepwave MAX HD2
Product Code MAX-HD2-LTEA-WF
Hardware Revision 5
Firmware 8.1.2 build 5114
PepVPN Version 9.1.0
Modem Support Version 1025

What should i do to have the daily usage per sim slot back ?
Thank you,

Found how to open a ticket, so I did.

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