Customize domain block

can this be no maximum exceed : 250?
help! there so many adult websites are need to block!

This is the capture andytx has linked to image

Why do you need to manually add them? I’d recommend an external DNS filter instead…

it’s does not worked for me
try this website porn , sorry anbout this if this website effect anyone!

Diagree it works fine.

I used the Adult Filter DNS servers from this page

So IPv4 address : and


Actually I was using OpenDNS at the point of test so &

But remember that DNS is cached:

AND make sure that the devices and (your router) do not have hard coded public DNS servers anywhere - they all need to be using the filtered DNS. (check WAN settings and DNS proxy settings on the router).

thank you,
It do work but some websites it not block.
below are 2 that example does not blocked!

Ok, then you can either inform them of the domains that are not being caught or you can buy an account and add them yourself.

oh!, thanks