Customisable Display

Just trying to trouble shot some issues and thought how awesome would it be to have a page that we could customise the info displayed on it for real time monitoring.

e.g. session list, ping, speed fusion graph, and real time throughput.
Could also put modules of settings that you are changing in there too.

I quiet often find myself with multiple windows open for the same device and when using remote access, these windows can time out when changing to a new connection so you then have to reload all pages. Would be much easier if all the info was on one page.

Please let me know your thoughts and if it is possible for Peplink to look at this.

Thank You

Our InControl2 API will allow anyone with InControl2 access to build their own bespoke app or website. With online services like you can build real-time, interactive dashboards using the InControl2 API.

Hi Erik
Just had a look and played with the tutorial and love it already!
Do you know of any tutorials regarding pulling the data from a router via the IC2 API?
This could be a good thing to have in the Knowledge Base.
Than You

Hi GNO-2014,

The only information Peplink has published so far about using the InControl2 Api is published here.
A usage example and sample script implementation is included, but you are right, it’s a good idea to add some more information about the API in our knowledge base.