Customer Isolation and Routing

If I have multiple fleet customers connecting to my data center via a Pep link Speed Fusion Hub, what is the best model to guarantee each customers traffic is isolated and protected, but also gives them access to shared services like Roip/DNS/Internet Access and also routing private network back to their datacenter.

Are you looking towards offering FusionHub as a MSP (managed service provider)?

As per explained on our FusionHub page, at MSP level you’ll have multiple FusionHub running on your VM host, each connected to different customers, so they are isolated from one another.

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Yes I was trying to accomplish this without using multiple hubs. I was thinking that Pepwave had a technology similar to VRF instance.

I’m afraid that isn’t possible at this moment.
Recommended path to accomplish what you’re looking for is still via the MSP route.



Who can I speak with about design and consulting services for deploying a Pepwave network for a Government Customer?

@Barranett For Pre-sales matters it’ll be me. XD I’ll drop you a pm shortly.