Custom service forwarding

I am trying to get my Balance 30 to use a content filter.

I have a Diladele content filter setup on a virtual pc. When I manually point my browser to the filter everything works correctly but when I use the Custom Service Forwarding Setup the filter only sees the URL without the host.

Has anyone had any success getting the Balance to use a proxy and if so, how did you do it?


I’ve got my Balance at home set to use the Custom Service Forwarding. I’m pointing port 80 traffic to the server address and port on my LAN. Its not a virtual PC though, its dedicated to this task. Lubuntu Linux running Squid as a proxy and caching server.

I don’t have any experience doing this with a virtual PC but hopefully this helps at least validate that the feature works.

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Thanks for replying,

That is what i tired to do, but when i go to (for example) “MSN” my proxy returns the following.

for some reason the host part “” is missing.

I think the issue is your squid.conf may not be setup to be transparent. The browser doesn’t know its going through a proxy when you use the Custom Service Forwarding option, vs the traditional approach of putting proxy information into a browser. I’m assuming if you did that everything would work fine.

“http_port 3128 transparent” should be set in your squid.conf or you can change the default port to 80, either of those options should work for you.

Best of luck!

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Changing the squid.conf to “http_port 3128 transparent” gave my browser an connection error, but you have given me a place to start.

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