Custom firmware

Can you customize firmware if i pay the cost?

I really need health check interval less than 5 sec. Will it be on the next firmware update?
Our special trading platform disconnects if there is more than 5 sec. disconnect from the ISP. If i can do 2 sec. or 3 sec. health check interval with 1 sec time out, when my primary connection goes down, i won’t lose the connection on my trading software.

Can we discuss about this in details?


Hi James,
I’m interested to learn more about your requirements. How do you currently connect to your trading platform? Is it via http(s) or is it a different protocol? Is the platform a publicly accessible website/app or is it only available over VPN on your internal network?

API add-in on EXCEL.


Hi James,

What port number is using for this? Can you share how the client connect to the trading platform (e.g. using browser or custom made client server software)?

I also have a concern (please find scenario below). Your trading platform will accept client connection when client source IP was changed?

  1. Client connected to trading platform via WAN1 with WAN1 IP.
  2. WAN1 down and failover to WAN2 (let say within 5 seconds).
  3. Client resumes connection to trading platform via WAN2 with WAN2 IP.
  4. Step 3 above will be accepted by server?

We have two customized excel sheets. On the excel sheet, we get real time data through API add-in.
if I manually click on disconnect button on setup page (or manually disconnect wire), the program stays connected. I will do more tests tonight and post here.