Custom cellular band selection note column

It would be handy if there were a custom “note” column next to the custom band selection that you could use to enter a quick note about that band.

For example:
Band [Note]
12 [ATT 700]

My antennas give frequencies by Mhz; I sometimes have difficulty remembering between Verizon and ATT which frequency is which band. Being able to note this would be handy for me.

For example:
Band [Note]
5 [unchecked 8/3/19 stuck on 3G LocationA]

A note to myself so I later know where/when/why I unchecked a particular band due to a problem.

Hi Aquablue,

Are you familiar with the option for adding device notes in InControl?
You might be able to use that?

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That note is in IC2 though.
This would be a more local piece of info (i.e. directly beside where it is needed)