Curious about the 4x4 MIMO connections of my Max CAT-18

I don’t believe I have ever seen 4 connections since I have owned it. I am assuming there are three in this picture, although 2 of them appear to be the same, but have different RSRP strengths. (Odd??) Does anyone know if that is really three connections, and will this interface show 4 if they can connect?

I don’t think I’ve seen four either. @sitloongs do you know if it should show four?

It’s carrier dependent. The tower needs to have 4 bands on that tower and your device needs to be in range of all 4 band cells, and the tower needs to have open slots on those cells.

I get 4 bands on ATT routinely. However depending on day and time, etc. I dont always see all 4 connected. Cycling my device will often cause all 4 to connect however not 100% due to factors outside my control happening in this cell/tower


@erickufrin is right .

  1. We need to have the info whether your location carrier having compatible 4 x CAs.

  2. Supposedly CA resources is assigned by the towers.

We have some test result here for the 4 x CA by other forum users.

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Thanks, one of the links showed there is a possibility of 4 connections. I see an SSC3 in a picture in one of those links. Does it using two of the same bands make sense, they have different signal strengths. Would that mean the second connection of the same band is on a different tower? -Bill

@bigbillsd, Pulled from a Cat-18 tonight, in a very rural area. Signals were cleaner a month ago, but I suspect some severe winter conditions have caused the lower signal strength. 4-bands.jpg

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Nice, I guess someday I will be in a spot where that might happen! I see you have 2 LTE Band 66 connections, each with a different RSRP value. Is that connecting to two different towers? It would seem odd to have different signal strengths (8db) if they were within a few feet of each other. Or I just don’t really understand it… highly probable.