Cricket wireless data only plan with pepwave?

Has anyone signed up with or used a Cricket Wireless Data only Plan with a Pepwave?

|Plan Name|20 GB|40 GB|100 GB|
|Monthly Rate|$35|$50|$90|
|High-Speed Data Allowance*|20 GB|40 GB|100 GB|

I signed up for a Cricket simply data plan, but I haven’t been able to get it to work yet on my balance 20x. I’ve heard the APN settings need to be changed, but I’m not sure how to do that. I submitted a help ticket, I’ll update here.

I have used cricket dataplans before you need to set the APN to ndo.

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Did you get the Cricket Simply Data plan working, and how are the speeds and latency consistency on the peplink for you?

Wonder if you got it working and how it is performing?

I am interested to know this too.

I did the simply data plan for my balance 20x - you need to change operator settings to “custom” and add “ndo” into the APN field for the SIM card on the cellular modem.

Should connect, register, and grab at IP address with those settings…


The performance was good until I used my allocated data.


I’m using the Pepwave Max Mini and used the “custom” and set the APN to “ndo” and it connected no problem.
Screen Shot 2021-01-06 at 14.10.54


Have now signed up for the cricket wireless plan and it is working well as a backup connection. Speed test from
68 ms

Signup was easy on the max transit cat 18, and the pepwave was able to get text message from cricket too without issue (to complete signup). Just had to set the APN to ndo and it was up and running. A nice new option. Thanks very much for the info and feedback.


Silly question: how can the pepwave cat-18 receive a text message? I would need this too to complete my account with T-Mobile. I got the new 100GB data plan from them and it works out of the box :slight_smile:

SIM Toolkit which is under the advanced menu I think. Then Tool: SMS

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Works like a charm, thanks!


We have the exact same modem and got a cricket data plan. It didn’t work. It actually caused our plan to be suspended when we tried it in the pepwave. Cricket customer service said the imei wasn’t compatible. Just wondering if yours is still working?


Did you get a “Simply Data” data only plan or an unlimited plan? (there was another thread on the forum here talking about a different cricket plan, but I didn’t try that; I did the simply data plan starting with the 20 GB plan to see if it worked.)

I signed up for the “Simply Data” data only plan last month and just upgraded to the next data tier this week and it is working fine still.

When I ordered the “Bring Your Own Data Device” said my max transit cat18 IMEI was compatible and let me order without issue.

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That has changed as of a couple days ago (1/19/21). When you put in your IMEI for a max transit cat-18 it now says its not valid anymore. I heard there was an issue, I had been thinking about picking up one of their 100gb plans but now that’s been dashed. From what I hear, if you keep that cricket SIM in your router it will keep on working. But once you remove it, it will stop. I kind of wonder if a reboot might affect it. Yikes.

Well, that’s not good news at all!

I did power cycle my max transit cat18 yesterday and had no issue.

So it looks like the pepwave cat 18 is now under

I’m not sure why it would be included in the 3G shutdown ???

Oh bummer. This is what happened for us I guess. I saw this post and had high hopes. Oh well.

[Updated with another device/modem]
In the just-for-kicks category:
I entered IMEI numbers for a Max HD2 IP67 LTEA, a MAX HD2 LTEA and a BR1 Mini LTEA (they all use the same Sierra Wireless MC7455 modems) and Cricket accepted them as acceptable data-only devices.
BR1 LTE (modem MC7354): Accepted

However, the IMEI for a Balance 20X (with a qualcomm modem) got rejected.

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