Credit Card Machines won't connect via USB 4G/LTE Modem

I connected my Pepwave Surf Soho without issues to my Comcast cable modem/router and a desktop PC plugged into the Pepwave device. The PC works as desired - when the Comcast router is plugged in, it gets it’s connection to the web from it, when I unplug it, the USB modem takes over without issues and I can use the 4g/LTE connection to surf the web. I am using this at my business and also have a Verifone VX 520 credit machine plugged in. It works fine as long as the Comcast router provides the signal. When on the USB 4G/LTE modem, the credit card machine doesn’t connect to the internet - even after a restart.
Are there any additional configuration steps needed on the Pepwave device?

I assume the CC machine is plugged in via Ethernet to the SOHO?

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yes, connected via ethernet

I would contact your CC processor to look into this. They obviously don’t like the fact that you are coming in with a new IP address when it is using the USB modem.

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rebooting of the machine normally fixes the IP address situation. Is there anything different in the network setup/design when the Pepwave device uses the USB modem versus cable internet (DNS, ports, …)?

When you reboot your CC machine it will re-register with them using the new IP address so this makes sense. Since these are all outbound sessions there is no difference between using the cable internet versus the USB modem. Thanks.

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Got some more details on the connect issue when using the USB modem. In the troubleshooting report fro mthe credit card machine, there is one connection difference: When using Pepwave Soho with WAN from my cable modem, I can connect to
I get status "OK (998 ms)
When switching to USB (4G/LTE modem) I get a “Connection Failed” message for
Are there any USB modem specific config issues either on the Pepwave side or the modem itself?

There should be no modem or Pepwave specific config issues with this, it looks like just a simple outbound SSL connection to their server. I imagine if you reboot the CC machine it will re-establish the connection and the same test will pass.

What I think is happening is that under normal conditions the CC machine establishes an outbound SSL connection through the SOHO to their server. When the comcast connection fails the session obviously breaks, but the CC machine does not try to re-register right away. Probably after a certain amount of time it will do it automatically but this is an unknown.

I would ask them if the machine has a setting to define how often it “phones home” as this will re-establish the connection across the USB modem. Of course rebooting the CC machine will always resolve this but that is not very practical or efficient.

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