Creating VPN with MAX BR1 and Dell Sonicwall NSA 4600


Is there any incompatibility with this device (Dell Sonicwall NSA 4600) to create VPN ?, because communication can not be established




Can you open a support ticket here for us further check on the configuration done for the IPSEC VPN ?

Thank You
Sit Loong


This is from over a year ago. Was support able to find a solution?



We have a lot of customer running IPSEC VPN with Sonicwall without issue. This is more on the IPSEC inter-operation configuration between Peplink devices and the third party VPN device.

Although Peplink official support Juniper & Cisco device, please open a support ticket if you facing issue establish IPSEC VPN between Peplink devices with third party IPSEC device and we will help to diagnose the issue.

Thank You