Creating VLANs and Isolation on the Network

I just purchased the Balance One. I am trying to find out how would I isolate the three SSID that I created? Please let me explain the setup.

I created VLAN 1 which that I assigned to SSID1, SSID2, and SSID3. In addition, I also have Layer2 Isolation checked in all the SSID.

However, when trying to print from SSID3 using my laptop I could to print to SSID2 where the printer resides. I am trying to prevent this from happening.

Another concern is that I have read that if I uncheck Inter-VLAN routing on the untagged LAN then that would allow the network powerless to see devices on my VLAN’s.

Your help in this regards would be greatly appreciated.

I think the Layer 2 isolation only applies to devices in the same SSID.

What I would suggest is this:

  • Create 3 VLANs – you can leave inter-VLAN routing enabled
  • Assign a unique VLAN to an SSID (let’s assume VLAN 1 → SSID 1, VLAN 2 → SSID 2, and VLAN 3 → SSID 3)
  • Using firewall rules, allow/deny based on what you wish (e.g., deny access to VLAN 2 from source VLAN 3, etc.)

This should allow you to be able to access devices on your VLANs from your untagged LAN, which I think is what you want.

Thank you very much for the recommendation. My goal was to try to prevent access to my VLANs from the untagged LAN. Oh…For some reason, I am unable to create additional VLANs. It allowed my to create only one VLAN. Not sure why?

This is unexpected behavior. Please open a support ticket for investigation.

Thank you.

Thank you, Jeff.

Oh okay. Uncheck inter-VLAN routing then.

Thanks for the info.