Creating PepVPN/Speedfusion from Incontrol2

I tried creating a PepVPN/Speedfusion using a mesch topology between two Pepwave UBR LTE and a Balance 305. The Pepwave UBR have LTE sim cards in slot A and are connected to the WAN ports of the balance. The VPN tunnel fails to connect and I am not sure why that is happening. Please any help on how to go about this.

Hi @Elcid_Chawa, does Balance 305 or your UBR SIM card have public IP addresses ? Could you explain in more detail the part of UBR connected to the WAN ports of the Balance ?

The UBR devices use SIM cards and their public IP is dynamic and comes directly from the ISP. Again, each UBR is connected to a WAN port on the balance. So I want the balance to merge the connections on the WAN port such that their bandwidths are merged when leaving the balance LAN ports.

The balance actually receives internet from the UBRs.

I see, you need to create a SpeedFusion/PepVPN tunnel from Balance 305 to another endpoint like a FusionHub or another router and not the UBR units that are connected to it. In that profile you would have to select WAN interfaces on which UBR units are working.

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