Creating an intrAnet within my RV

I have a Pepwave MAX transit Cat 18 router connected via T-Mobile. Happy with my internet access speeds. However, I have a Plex sever in my RV that I would like to access to the same WI-FI connection. Do I need to connect a separate WiFi router to the RJ45 connector on the front or is there another way?

The CAT18 Transit has an inbuilt WIFI AP. You can use that to create a WIFI SSID for your Plex server to connect to. If you use WIFI WAN a lot then you’ll find that although it works well, sharing that activity with the internal WIFI AP requirement affects performance a little so that’ when a dedicated access point on the LAN of the transit can make sense.

Thank you for the quick response. I think I will connect a dedicated WiFi router to the WAN port on the CAT18 Transit.