Creating a resilient Peplink High Availability model


  • A company based in America.
  • Specializes in providing wireless internet services to Residential apartment buildings across the country.


  • Upgrade all existing devices to Peplink.
  • Have the entire network on one platform for ease of management.
  • A centralised hub at the HQ which can handle numerous locations with varying sizes.


  • We would suggest a Balance 580 to be stationed at the HQ.
  • This is a perfect router for large enterprise usage and can handle 1.5Gbps throughput along with supporting up to 1000 users. With the ability to utilize 5 WAN and 3 LAN connections, this router is very versatile.
  • Implement an additional Balance 580 in standby mode to create a High Availability architecture. This ensures optimal operational performance, even at times of high loads.
  • To simplify the setup, SpeedFusion Cloud would make the perfect alternative (as opposed to the Balance 580’s), giving a second virtual end point without the need for complicated deployment.
  • A Balance 380 would be used at medium sized buildings.
  • The Balance 380 can handle up to 500 users together with out of the box support for all of the SpeedFusion technologies.
  • Working alongside the Balance 380, an AP One AX would be deployed to provide Wi-Fi to all residents.
  • For locations which have less devices/people, a Balance 20X would be used. This future proof router can be upgraded with an additional LTE connection via the FlexModule Mini slot, should the time come.
  • Equipping the Balance 20X with Primecare enables the use of SpeedFusion functions.
  • With InControl 2, network data can be accessed wherever you are. Remotely from one screen, you can provision, configure and monitor the entire network infrastructure to optimize the flow.

Devices deployed


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