Created SSID Stops Broadcasting

I am clearly a novice at this. I just received a Peplink MAX Transit duo LTEA for RV application. I created a new SSID to connect two (2) devices that only run on 2.4 Hz. After several hours of operation the new SSID stops broadcasting. I have no idea where to start trouble shooting this. Here is a screen shot of the SSID. Can someone help me trouble shoot this?

Have you enabled WIFI WAN when the problem happens?

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TK, thanks for the suggestion. I actually deleted the default Pepwave SSID and created one with 5 GHz and the other at 2.4 GHz. That seemed to solve the problem. But I wish I knew why. Thanks again!

There are many possibilities. Beacon lost, bad WIFI signal strength, WIFI client issue, etc. I can’t guess the actual reason without accessing the device. We always recommend using the latest firmware version. You may also need to verify whether all WIFI clients failed to scan the SSID at the same time if the problem happens again in the future. This helps to rule out whether the problem is from a particular WIFI client or MAX Transit.

Hope this helps.

Thanks again for responding, TK. The problem has not gone away. All devices have now stopped responding on the 2.4 GHz. Nothing “sees” it, even my phone. I am assuming I have not set up something correctly with the router. It was working fine until I added a second data plan/SIM card in hopes of improving things. I have two data plans (T-mobile and AT&T) in priority two as I am in a location with a weak cell signal but rather strong camp wifi. You had mentioned about enabling wifi WAN. Currently, “Wifi WAN on 2.4 GHz” is in priority 1 position, and has always been set this way. Sorry, but I’m not sure how to better explain what is happening and am not sure what to do to get the 2.4 GHz back. :thinking:

SSID stops broadcasting is nothing to do with cellular WANs. Please download Diagnostic Report from the Transit when the SSID stops broadcasting again. Then submit a ticket and attention to me. I will check what is going wrong there.


Thanks, TK. I ended up tweaking something and things were just not working right. So, I did a total factory reset and started all over. So far, things seem to be working well. I’ll download the Diagnostic Report the next time and create the ticket so we can learn what is going on if/when it happens again. Thanks again! Have a great week! :smile:

Good luck getting it to function properly. The issue is when using Wi-Fi as wan as well as internal Wi-Fi. Mine did the exact same thing. when it happens, disable your Wi-Fi as wan and I bet your internal Wi-Fi comes back. I got tired of trying to get it to function like it should and ended up getting a separate wireless access point for my internal Wi-Fi and now I’m very happy with it and I can use Wi-Fi as wan now as well.

Thanks for the info. After setting things up after the factory reset, all seems to be working well so far. I’ve relocated about 150 miles south of my previous location and all is well with both SSIDs transmitting fine. :smile: