Create mesh network with two pepwave max br1 pro 5g

Hi, l am trying to create a mesh network with two pepwave max br1 pro 5g routers. The first router has a sim card which provides internet access and the second router is connected to the first router through WiFi WAN.

The expected result is that devices connected to either router are within the same subnet and can communicate with each other and have all access to internet though the sim in the first router

Currently the first router is configured like the following

The second router is like this

I change the router mode for the second router to IP forward (expecting using the subnet ip from first router)

Changed the WIFI SSID and password for the second router to be the same as first router

Change the IP of the second router to the IP assigned by the first router with DHCP (since l want both router to be in the same subnet, not sure if this is correct)

I also disabled the DHCP of the second router as l want the first router to assign IP to the device connecting to the second router.

I connected a PC to the second router but l cannot access the network from the PC. I wonder what did l do wrong and what is the correct way to do this.

The 2nd router in IP forwarding mode is still routing and a such needs to route from one unique network to another.

To get traffic to flow, change the subnet on the 2nd router to then add a static route on the first BR1 5G for that network ( with a destination of the WIFI WAN IP ( and makes sure DHCP reservation is set on the primary router. Once everything is working you can then play with OSPF if you like so you don’t need the static route. You can then add more VLANS / subnets on the LAN of 2nd router and these will get advertised to the first.

You will then see clients appear on the first router with IPs from the 2nd which is as seamless as you can get without doing a local Layer 2 Speedfusion tunnel between the WIFI WANs of each router. This is possible of course and would give you a transparent extension but your throughput will be limited to the VPN and WIFI capacity of the routers…

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